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A picture is worth a thousand words. 5 tips on integrating art and photography into a room.

Art mixed media photography pictures sculpture unique wall art

Interior design ideas that display wall art, framed photography, drawings and sculpture
(Photo source: Interior Design Musings)

The addition of art and photography into a room is a great way to personalize a space. Here are 5 ways that you can do it to create a unique room:

Layered Gallery Wall, photography, art, design

(Photo source: Marcia Prentice via Apartment Therapy)


1. Photo Wall

  • Buy a variety of picture frames that are in different sizes and shapes, but that have some common visual thread, such as all in black.

  • Collect your favorite family photos and convert them to black and white and enlarge or reduce them to the size of your frames.

  • Arrange them any way that you want, but cover an entire wall with them. This can also be done by simply tacking the same photos to a wall, or leaning them against a wall.


Wall art, frames, photography, chair, door, color pop, pink

(Photo source: Blood and Champagne)

Maybe keep one in color to create a focal point.


Frames, wood floor, art, photography, leather bench, books

(Photo source: Rising Objects)

What’s important about this look is that it become an overall pattern in itself, similar to wallpaper.



AMAZING WALLPAPER. Wall Mural, "Green forest after rain" by andreiuc88, antique couch, antique chair

(Photo source: Pixers)


Scale has an amazing impact on a room. Buy the largest piece that your wall can take, hell wallpaper the wall with it,  but use it as a backdrop to your furniture. This can dramatically change the character of the entire room.

Flower, wall mural, grey and white couch, roses

(Photo source: One Kind Design)

A large landscape painting can make you feel like you are in a garden.

 stickers, sticker géant, stickers muraux grande largeur pour une déco murale…:

  (Photo source: Autocollant)


Don’t be afraid of clarity in the photo. This can actually enhance the drama of the piece.


Interior design living room ideas, large art work as central focus
(Photo source: Decor Adviser)



Select a piece to create a focus in your room.

Large Image art and photography in interior designed living spaces

(Photo source: 4.bp)

Place the most unique, largest, or most colorful piece at the position in the room that you want to be the most important visually.

Living room with large Photography at Manor house in Ixelles, Brussels

(Photo source: Strema  Entreprise)

In a living room this could be over your fireplace.  

Large scale central focus black and white painting in Victorian room with vaulted ceiling

(Photo source: Roam Cold Highway)

 4. Double up for more impact

Modern New York apartment interior living room with large focal paintings and gold couch

(Photo source: Architectural Digest

When you have small pieces and a large wall, double up a couple of pieces and create a visual dialogue between them.

Interior designed room, framed paintings, modern chair, end table,

(Photo source: Manolo Yilera via Architectural Digest Espania posted on Apartment Therapy)

Art should be interactive and create a reaction.

Interior design, modern room, framed black and white portrait, artwork, comfortable chair

(Photo source: Timeless number 12, Autumn 2009 via Word Press)

Modern interior designed bedroom, framed artwork on grey wall

(Photo source: Etsy)

The coupling of two pieces can add another dimension to both pieces .  


Interior designed dining room with large framed photography, white walls, floor lamp, and table
(Photo source: Shirin Neshat Photography,  Elle Decor via

5. Shake it up- Mix up your mediums

Don’t be afraid to put three dimensional art next to two dimensional pieces, drawings next to paintings.  Let each of your walls, in a room, have a unique composition.


Modern interior designed room, black and white photography, artwork, focal point

(Photo source: Forever Love)

Nothing is more boring to me than seeing a room with one painting hanging on center of each wall.  One of my favorite pieces is a fabric doll that I found at a junk store.  It hangs amid a collection of artwork, some more important than others.


Old banners, old photos, a shovel….many everyday or vintage items can be very interesting mixed into your art walls.


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