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Change your perspective on a room with color blocking

accentuating color Color blocking datum line design paint perspective

Color blocking, yellow fireplace, checkered floor, wood table and chair in modern interior designed living room(Photo source: Levis)

Whenever I am working on the design of an environment,  I always take into consideration how to navigate people through it and how to control their perception of that space...

Color blocking is a powerful tool to accomplish this.


Examples could be highlighting a fireplace in a living room so that it has a hierarchy over the other architectural elements of the room, OR accenting a stair to make it the most important visual element of that room.
Black stairway, white walls, modern interior design
(Photo source: LLI Design)


Modern, wood,  architectural staircase with white walls
(Photo source: John Spy


These are the most obvious ways to color block a room.

What intrigues me, at the moment, is how you can actually distort and manipulate the perception of a room, even a very simple room, by color blocking.
Color blocked bedroom with grey and white walls, modern bed, chair, and Victorian architecture
(Photo source: SF girl by bay)


 Examples of this can be as simple as creating a datum line halfway up a wall and painting the upper half of the wall differently than the lower half, running a ceiling color one quarter the way down a wall to enlarge the ceiling plane...
Black and white architectural geometric design element in an interior space
(Photo source: MOMO USA posted by Junko Momota on Pinterest)


 or perhaps, running an arbitrary geometric design diagonally  across a wall to create a dynamic distortion to the space.

*These are a few simple, low cost ways,  to create a new perspective on an old room!* 


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