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How do I find a luscious brown that looks as good as chocolate tastes?

Brown paint chocolate Luscious browns Mixing greys and browns organic textures warmth wood

Brown inspiration wall
(Photo Credit: Les Petite Pestes,)
 Browns, they are tough. When painting, paneling, or wallpapering a room in brown, it can end up looking like a fallen chocolate souffle or a luscious enveloping lair, edgy contemporary room, or a romantic sensuous getaway.

*Here are a few things to consider when deciding on a brown room*


Consider furniture and accessories that you will be putting into the room. 
Orange sofa, brown walls, interior design, orange curtains, brown floor
(Photo Credit: Kate Marin, House and Garden)

These can greatly impact the color brown that you are usingFor instance a very vibrant color is a great counterpoint to brown. This can be done by using a bright orange with a cinnamon/Hershey brown:


Or using whites and creams to brighten a darker brown, especially in a modern way such as this:

Brown paint with white and cream tones, marble counter top, stainless steel stove,

(Photo credit: Magnus Marding, via New York Times, article  from Afflante)


Or more traditional and romantic way, such as this.

Romantic, traditional, warm brown tones, brown paint, chaise lounge, wedding dress, soft

(Photo credit: Elianne Bartmaan, via



Brown, like no other color, is so organic.

wood, organic, brown stain, brown paint, natural color, luxurious, warmth

(Photo credit: Mother of

 It is the natural color of leathers, hides, wood, etc. 

warm tones, browns, wood, brown paint, luxurious, Axel Vervoortdt, architecture, interior, Greenwich Hotel, inspiration

(Photo credit: Les Petites Pestes)
Integrating these natural finishes that are brown, with brown, can be luxurious, elegant and the epitome of warmth:

Another great way to use brown is to gray it up, or take the intensity out of the brown.

warm brown tones, organic, warmth, brown paint, comfort, brown bedding, interior, bedroom, wood

(Photocredit: Pure and Original via



This can also be accomplished by combining brown with grays:

warm browns, brown chair, Interior design, brown curtains, brown paint, grey tones, combining brown and grey

(Photo credit: Stylist Laura Trøstrup via Instagram)


brown tones, brown bedding, bedroom, architecture, Axel Vervoordt, Greenwich Hotel, Belgium architecture, mixing grey with brown

(Photo credit: Les Petite Pestes)


Or creating a pattern or texture of brown on brown, or brown with another color, such as these rooms:

Wall coverings, crocodile texture, bedroom, browns with grays, textures, warm, Ralph Lauren, home, design

(Photo credit: Ralph Lauren Home)


Brown texture, wallpaper, rustic brown leather sofa, retro, mid century modern, warm tones, browns

(Photo credit: Desire to inspire)


Or finally, it may be as simple as bringing a brown object with lots of character into a stark white room:

easy chair, modèle FK 6720 // Alfred Kill, brown leather, stark white paint, wood floor, modern

(Photo credit: Paris Bruxelle's)


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