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Introducing Rocky Rochon

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Seattle top designer launches new paint business.

Rocky Rochon Photo
(Photo credit: Tim Ageuro via Jaime Gillin's article from Grey Magazine )


Seattle based designer, Rocky Rochon has a passion for design, paint, and the relationship between the two. This passion led him to the University of Washington where he graduated with a degree in Interior Design, all while working for a local designer. After graduation, Rocky re-located to San Francisco where he began his journey within the corporate design world as a creative director of a large design firm. His success in corporate design created a yearning to develop his own personal brand. Returning home to the Pacific Northwest, Rocky launched his own interior design studio, "Rocky Rochon Design".  After 20 years of exceptional interior design success, he developed his first paint line, Rocky Rochon Paint, available exclusively at his urban boutique The Paint Laboratory, in Seattle's trendy Capitol Hill neighborhood.  

Rocky recognized early in his career that the challenge of matching paint for a specific lighting condition was an area of concern that needed addressing. Pulling colors from nature or from desired furniture pieces, he would search and develop a paint that would excel in it’s desired location using metamerics. Commercial lines of paint can frustrate this process. The computer generated fan decks provided are not comprised of physical paint. The use of computer generated paint chips made of ink rather than paint can lead to a poor match in the final application of the paint. The computerized sample isn’t a direct representation of the paint itself.

Rocky’s understanding and experience with paint metamerism prompted him to create his unique paint line, Rocky Rochon Paint. This line was specifically formulated keeping true to how light reacts to paint in color complexity and application on a surface. His paint line is composed of 50 hues, each with 8 "stepped" values that address the physicality of paint and light reflection as symbiotic qualities. Rocky mixes and matches paint in unexpected ways. Rich and complex tones can only be achieved by careful introductions of complimentary colorants. The nuances of color, light, physicality and metamerism are lost in traditional paint mixing.   

It was through this refined process and intense exposure to paint nuance that Rocky Rochon Paint was born. A thoughtful collection of rich, complex paint colors that address the need for stepped values of the same color, paint chips-not ink chips, coordinated textures, and a personalized "colorist" at Rocky's Paint Laboratory that will provide custom color matching in his paint boutique or on line with one click of a button! 

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