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Jumping into a pool of blue, without a wearing a floatie

accentuating Blue color contrast metamerics paint sea teal textures topaz

Interior design, blue walls, cherry blossom, mirror wall hanging, chair, daylight window

(Photo source: Lovely Life)

Blue is often a favorite color for many.

Sea blue, paint color, Rocky Rochon Paint, The Paint Laboratory   Sea blue paint chip, Rocky Rochon Paint, the Paint Laboratory   Sea blue paint chip, Rocky Rochon paint, The Paint Laboratory

 I suppose because of its association with a beautiful sunny sky, or crystal clear tropical water, or even a moon lit evening.

Rocky Rochon paint, metallic, topaz, blue,


 However, beware, blue, if used incorrectly can create an unanticipated effect, such as turning your bedroom into a little boy's nursery, creating an effect that may not be the desired look you had originally intended! 

Here are some rooms that make me fall in love with blue, all over again. 

Interior designed living room, blue walls, blue textiles, blue couch

(Photo Source: via Pinterest)


I’m always a big advocate of ‘graying’ or ‘complicating’ a color. This is very effective when using a color in a large scale application. Rooms turn blue rapidly, even a soft blue, so ‘graying’ or ‘complicating’ it can make it much more subtle and elegant.

 Interior designed bedroom, grey walls, minimal style, pergot wood floor, modern chair

(Photo source: Designer Sarah Widman's aparment design via


Another great way to use blue is to lighten, lighten, lighten. Let it become a dreamy blue/white, like the reflection of a blue cast light in the room.

Image of artistic female model, interior designed bedroom, pale blue painted walls

(Photo source:


Medium tones of blue, juxtaposed with organic objects is like creating a silhouette against the water or sky and enriches both the object and the background.

Interior designed bathroom with blue walls, claw foot tub and built in shelves with ocean theme

(Photo Source: Home BNC)


Plaster bust, wooden mirror, pale blue painted walls

(Photo source: Edward Addeo-Gibbs Smith, and Farrow. via


Two plaster statues at the British museum in a pale blue room

(Photo source: The Diesel Electric Elephant Company)


Mixing blues boldly. Unexpected combinations of blue create a very strong signature to a room. 

Interior of a room with dark, rich blues, warm wood floor, crown molding, painting and piano

(Photo source: Tollens)


Blue paint, interior designed bedroom, blue textured sheets, lamp, side table and chair.

(Photo source: Mihalis_a via Getty Images pinned from Huffington Post)


Blue bedroom with blue walls, sheets, comforter, modern design

(Photo source: Anna Kern for NK Stil,  via Soderbergagentur via article from Bloglovin


Add a different texture or sheen to enrich it.

Blue walls, Victorian styling, vase with flowers, window, table

(Photo source: Verdana via Morgeous)


Bathroom fixture with textured blue wall

(Photo source: Maykke)


Or going boldly blue.

Blue painted walls with blue painted wall art sculpture, simple wood chair, wood floor

(Photo source: Adrian Briscoe via Sara Kay, via The House that Lars Built)


This one may require a floatie, at least until the painting is done!

Ocean blue living room, fireplace, rustic leather furniture, wool area rug

(Photo source: In Matters of Style


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