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Rocky Rochon Paint is a premium quality paint, using only the finest solids, binders and pigments and is produced by a renowned paint manufacturer that has been in business for over 125 years. Our ‘general collection’ is made up of 50 colors that have 8 value steps to comprise a 400 color series. These colors are rich and complex in their formulations with some having as much as 12 colorants in them. This creates a more complex reaction to light, similar to colors found in nature and a subtlety that makes them very usable, especially in interior spaces. All of these colors are available in a variety of interior and exterior sheens, as well as matching Ralph Lauren metallic, river rock and suede finishes. In addition, we have a collection of ‘vivids’, ‘blacks’, ‘whites’ and ‘textures’. We also painstakingly hand paint all of our sample chips so that the client see how the color will precisely reflect light in their environment. In addition to our paint chips, we also provide an 8 oz. sampler jar for testing a color prior to purchasing larger quantities. If you cannot find the perfect color in our collection we encourage you to let us customize a color that will work with your other finishes and materials, and most importantly to the lighting conditions that will be present in the room to be painted. Since paint is defined by the reflection of light, how it behaves within the context of those lighting conditions is highly important and is what is referred to as ‘metamerics’.

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