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Welcome To The Paint Laboratory

The Paint Laboratory is a brick and mortar design destination that has been serving Seattle's premium paint needs for the past three years. Featuring personalized service and high quality materials, The Paint Laboratory is the destination for creating the ideal paint for your home.

Whether you are looking for a unique color or a custom color match, our colorists have years of experience in mixing paint and expertly matching any color you desire.  In order to mix the perfect color to meet your needs they go through a process in which they match a sample to various lighting situations, from natural light to artificial light or any combination. The hue of paint can be visibly altered by diverse lighting situations thus it is important that our colorists formulate the paint to harmonize with it's environment.

The Paint Laboratory is home to over 500 designer hues as a part of the Rocky Rochon paint line, as well as his new line of stunning metallic's. We also carry a diverse line of brushes, applicators, and supplies. 

At the Paint Laboratory the color possibilities are truly limitless!  We look forward to working with you and developing paint that will exceed your expectations.  

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