STORM: Category 5 Exterior Acrylic Latex Primer

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STORM is a series of exceptionally durable exterior stains ideal for decks, wood siding, concrete and more. Ranging from fully transparent linseed-oil stains to solid acrylic exterior paint.

Category 5 features the primers of the Storm System. These amazing products are invaluable when either the surface that is to be refinishes is in extremely weathers, distressed condition, or if the surface is going to be exposed to extreme weather or high traffic and wear. Using one of these unsurpassed, best-in-class primers will make the long-lasting finishes of the Strom System last even longer. After applying a Category 5 primer, choose a finish from Category 4 for a look band longevity second to none.

Acrylic Latex Primer - This exterior base coat is designed to help eliminate the natural tannin, sugar staining and discoloration produced by many types of bare woods. Storm System Acrylic Latex Primer has a unique moisture-transmitting formulation that provides excellent adhesion to properly prepared wood surfaces and is highly resistant to peeling.

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