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Our Process

How we get you to the perfect color.

Step 1. Choose a color or a group of colors and try our extensive sample program. We offer chips, brushout cards and testpots, so you can see exactly how our colors work in your home. Real paint on real walls is the beginning of this process.

Step 2. Morning, Noon and Night. That's how we recommend you test every color under every lighting condition in your room. Look for the richness at night, muted tones under incandescent light and fine details in full Sun. This is the true test of your new color.

Step 3. Place your full order with The Paint Laboratory and our team will create your new paint from scratch, every time. Need a custom color, no problem, we will build to suit. Once your order is placed sit back and wait for delivery. No trips to the paint store are necessary. 

Step 4. Enjoy your fabulous, impactful new color and luxuriate in how amazing your new room looks.