Metal Patina Application

  1. Ensure properly primed surface prior to application of Metal Patina paint. Apply a pre-tinted primer if needed.
  2. Apply Patina Metallic paint just as you would normal paint by either spraying, brushing or rolling. It is critical to agitate (stir) regularly to ensure consistent distribution of the metal material.
  3. Allow 2-4 hours to dry completely. Check to ensure proper coverage, repeating step 2 if necessary.
  4. Allow an additional 24 hours for Patina Metallic to fully cure.
  5. Burnish the surface lightly with a Scotch-Brite Pads or a similar abrasive. Producing a natural metal sheen greatly increases the effectiveness of the patina.
  6. Clean the surface with a slightly damp rag to collect any remaining debris.
  7. Apply Jax Patina with either a soft brush or a spray bottle. Follow the directions on the bottle. Take care if brushing as it can leave marks. Spray bottle application is recommended. The patina process is a wet process, take care to protect any flooring or furniture. WEAR EYE, HAND AND RESPIRATORY PROTECTION.
  8. When the surface is completely dry it may be sealed or left natural. A natural surface will change with time and is prone to surface damage. We recommend a polyurethane clear-coat that can either be sprayed, brushed or rolled. Gentle application is recommended to protect the patina.