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Jax Patina Agents are made to produce genuine, aged finishes on various metals to creating stunning, oxidized effects that bring timeless character to any project. As the second step in our Patina Finish Kit process, these agents work seamlessly over our Patina Paint Base and under our Patina Sealer to complete the transformation of a wide variety of surfaces.

Crafted to react specifically with specific metals like iron, steel or copper, Jax Patina Agents produce authentic aging effects that are rich and consistent. From the verdant hues of aged copper to the darkened patina of antique iron, each agent is formulated to enhance the natural beauty of metal surfaces. For optimal absorption and uniform results, we recommend burnishing the painted surface with a Scotch-Brite pad or similar before application.

For long-lasting beauty and stability, complete your project with our clear-coat Patina Sealer to halt, protect and enhance the patina effects. Without sealing, the surface may develop rust that can transfer upon contact. Sealing can alter the look of certain oxidized metal finishes. It is strongly encouraged to apply this product to a test surface prior to final application.

  • Multiple Effects: Available in various formulas for different metals, providing flexibility in achieving your desired look.
  • Easy Application: Can be applied using a wide variety of applicators including brushes, roller, spray-bottle, sponge, or by dipping, making it suitable for both intricate and large surfaces.
  • Consistency: Ensures even oxidation for professional-quality finishes.
  • Variety of Finishes: Includes options for green patina, blackened metal, antique rust, Corten and more.
  • Compatibility: Works effectively on both Patina Paint surfaces and direct metal applications.

Available Patina Agents:

  • Jax Green Patina: Achieve a beautiful, natural green patina effect, perfect for creating the classic verdigris finish on your brass, bronze, or copper pieces.

  • Jax Iron, Steel, and Nickel Blackener: Ideal for creating a darkened, aged appearance on iron, steel, and nickel. This blackening agent gives metals a dramatic, dark, antique look.

  • Jax Pewter Black: Excellent for restoration projects or achieving an antique look on copper surfaces. This agent darkens steel to a sophisticated, aged finish.

  • Jax Antique Rust: Produces a natural rusted finish, perfect for vintage and industrial aesthetics on iron and steel. It delivers a rugged, weathered look that adds character and depth. Often used for achieving an effect similar to Corten steel.

Explore the full range of Jax Patina Agents within our Patina Finish Kits. These kits provide everything you need to achieve beautiful and consistent patina effects, including Jax Patina Agent, Patina Paint, and Patina Sealer.

 Prepare the Surface: Ensure the metal is free from lacquer, oil, grease, and wax. Clean surfaces thoroughly.

Apply the Jax Patina Agent: Using a brush, sponge, or by dipping, apply the agent directly to the metal. Follow specific instructions for each type of agent.

Observe the Reaction: Allow the agent to react and create the desired patina effect. Some agents may require rinsing.

Seal the Finish: After achieving the desired patina, apply our Patina Polyurethane Sealer to protect the surface and prevent rust transfer.

  • Store Jax products at room temperature in tightly closed original containers.
  • Use in plastic or glass containers only.
  • Dispose of used products and containers at an approved waste disposal facility.
  • Always refer to Safety Data Sheets before use.


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Jax Patina Agents are an amazing tool for achieving authentic, aged metal finishes. They react naturally with the metal to produce a rich, nuanced patina that evolves over time. To maintain the beauty and durability of your patina effects it’s crucial to seal the oxidized finish with our clear polyurethane Sealer, preventing rust transfer and preserving the look for years to come.

Whether enhancing home décor, restoring antiques, or creating striking industrial art, Jax Patina Agents offer the tools to transform your projects. Each application brings out the unique character of the metal, from the deep greens of aged copper to the rich, dark tones of oxidized iron.

Infuse your space with the timeless beauty of aged metal, available in a spectrum of colors rendered by genuine iron or copper.

Patina Paint (base only)

Unleash the full potential of our Patina Finishes with our Kits, available in a curated collection of finishes from Verdigris to Blackened Steel.

patina Kits

This clear polyurethane is an important final step in our Patina Finish process for ensuring your patina creations stand the test of time.

Patina Sealer